A God Gracious and Merciful

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Publisher's Letter

Covenant Is Key

comment | Posted Jan 01, 2013

Forty years ago, while I was in college, I had a powerful conversion experience at a prayer meeting in my parish. In addition to everything else that happened to me that evening, I found a new love for Scripture. Continue »

Inside This Issue

Remember the Covenant

comment | Posted Jan 01, 2013

In his Letter to the Ephesians, Paul asked his gentile readers to remember what life was like before they were baptized into Christ. Continue »

The God of the Covenant

Exploring His Everlasting Love for Us.

comment | Posted Jan 01, 2013

Father, you formed man in your own image and entrusted the whole world to his care. . . .
And when through disobedience he had lost your friendship, you did not abandon him. . . .
Time and again you offered them covenants and . . . taught them to look forward to salvation. Continue »

Images of the Covenant

Pictures from the Bible

comment | Posted Jan 01, 2013

Have you ever thought about how important pictures are when it comes to understanding our Catholic faith? Of course, we all know that we need to understand the truths and doctrines of the Church. Continue »

Earnest Faith, Joyful Pursuit

Keys to Receiving God’s Covenant Love

comment | Posted Jan 01, 2013

What do you think God is like? Is he a sort of heavenly traffic cop, always trying to trap us as we speed toward sin? Continue »

Special Feature

Ruth and Naomi

A Story of Covenant Loyalty

comment | Posted Jan 01, 2013

The Old Testament Book of Ruth tells the story of a young woman who left her home, her family, and her traditions out of loyalty to her widowed mother-in-law. Continue »

“It’s Poetry, Stupid!”

How a book on the psalms has helped expand my prayer.

comment | Posted Jan 01, 2013

I first picked up a guitar nearly thirty years ago, when I was seventeen and just coming to know Jesus in a personal way. From the outset, I wanted to write and play Christian songs. Continue »

When Your Worst Fear Becomes Reality

I can’t think. I can hardly pray. But I can trust and love.

comment | Posted Jan 01, 2013

My first big clue that something was very wrong came in February 2009. I was on a Christian mission trip to Costa Rica, meeting with a small group of women. Suddenly I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. Continue »

The Governor Who Became a Saint

St. Ambrose’s Transformation from Politician to Pastor

comment | Posted Jan 01, 2013

We all know about famous actors who have gone on to become politicians—mayors, senators, parliament members, and even a US president. But here’s a journey that’s even harder to imagine: what if your mayor or senator became a bishop? Continue »