A “Blank Check” for God

The blessings flowed once I surrendered my plans to the Lord.

A “Blank Check” for God

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What am I going to do now? Newly widowed at just fifty years old, that’s the question I was facing. I decided to put it on hold, though, after receiving a surprise check from my husband’s former employer. Before doing anything else, I wanted to fulfill my lifetime dream of visiting the land where Jesus lived.

I was in Jerusalem, not thinking about my future, when God began unfolding it anyway. It happened through a conversation that helped give my life an unexpected new direction—a calling to become an ambassador of Jesus’ gift of peace. It seems so right that this inner journey started just a few miles from the field where shepherds once heard angels sing of “peace on earth.”

The conversation opened with a simple, “How are you feeling?” The question came from a priest I hadn’t expected to see in Jerusalem. He had advised me during a difficult period in my life.

“I’m fine!” I said, delighted that our paths had crossed once again.

“No, Shirley,” Fr. Francis per­sisted. “I remember what you shared with me last time we talked. So I want to know how you’re feeling.”


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