Come On, God, Give Me a Break!

And he answered me in a glance.

Come On, God, Give Me a Break!

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I was already awake before the alarm clock chimed. Five a.m. Time to get moving. For several months, I had made it a habit to roll from my bed onto my knees and start my day with prayer.

“Good morning, God,” I would begin. But that day I lay there thinking, “Good God, it’s morning.”

I had spent the past two hours tossing and turning with fears that made me shake alternately with fear and anger. They were familiar, but more intense. Bills, the mortgage, utilities, groceries… . How would I split the money this month? Who would get paid, and who would have to wait? The car needed repairs—the transmission had just died. There was a $2500 unexpected expense. I had just gotten a nice tax refund and had planned to use it for some pressing, long-delayed needs. Now, instead of having a surplus, I needed to come up with more money.

Adding to the stress were the worries that come with being a father. My daughter and seven sons are wonderful, but two of…

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