Earnest Faith, Joyful Pursuit

Keys to Receiving God’s Covenant Love

Earnest Faith, Joyful Pursuit

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What do you think God is like? Is he a sort of heavenly traffic cop, always trying to trap us as we speed toward sin?

Is he a disinterested judge who weighs all our good deeds and bad deeds to determine our fate? Or is he a sentimental old man, like a kindly grandfather, whose only goal is to see us all get along and be nice to each other?

All of these views, and many others like them, are shortsighted. Yes, our God is kindly and gentle, but he is also just and passionate. Yes, he is always watching us and trying to keep us from sin, but he is not trying to trap us or looking to punish us. And yes, God pursues us, but not as a policeman pursues a criminal. Rather, he pursues us out of love. He is relentless, but it is a relentlessness born of mercy and compassion, not of anger or spite. It’s the relentlessness of a God…

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