Hope and Healing after Abortion

A look at Project Rachel.

Hope and Healing after Abortion

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“Abortion is a carefully marketed product,” says Jo Balsamo. “Women buy the lie that it will help them. Then they’re shocked because it’s so horrible.”

Balsamo sees this again and again in her work in the Family Life Office of the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. As the diocese’s program coordinator for Project Rachel, the Church’s postabortion healing ministry, she encounters women every day who have been scarred by abortion. Some have endured years of suffering, wondering what’s wrong with them. Some, shackled by guilt and shame, believe they have committed an “unforgivable sin” that can never be set right.

Project Rachel exists to proclaim a different message, a message of compassion and hope. It’s the good news that “none of us are beyond God’s mercy” and that “God wants us to be in heaven with him,” says Balsamo. Once people who have been wounded by abortion come to believe in this mercy, then the process of reconciliation and healing can begin. And, she points out,…

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