Praying to the God Who “Remembers”

Hannah’s prayer of faith changed history.

Praying to the God Who “Remembers”

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Most of us know how it feels to desperately want something that we know is good but that we simply can’t have: good health for ourselves or a loved one, perhaps, or justice for a wrong, or mastery of a bad habit.

The biblical heroine Hannah felt like this, too. And despite the fact that she lived in ancient Israel, in a world very different from our own, her pain transcends the centuries and moves our hearts: She longs to be a mother but is unable to bear a child.

If Hannah had given up hope or had given in to self-pity, we would not be reading about her today. If she had wrapped herself in the comfortable sort of faith that never grows because it is never exercised, she would have nothing to teach us about praying and believing in times of personal crisis.

But after years of suffering and despair, Hannah turned to God with the steely, insistent faith that Jesus would later praise whenever he found it. She stood expectantly before the Lord when she had nothing to…

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