Search Me, O God!

An Examination of Conscience for Advent

Search Me, O God!

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Have you ever noticed how good we can be at noticing other people’s weaknesses, while still having a blind spot for our own? Fortunately, God is familiar with this tendency.

He knows that we often need an outside perspec­tive to help us see ourselves clearly. That’s why he created us to live as a community and not as individuals. It’s also why he has given us guide­lines like the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. They can help give us a glimpse into how we’re doing and what we may need to change. It’s also why there are so many prophets in the Scriptures. God called them to point out the peo­ple’s sins in the hope that they would repent and come back to him.

Even now, during this season of Advent, God is patiently calling out to us. He is gently probing our hearts and urging us to turn away from the sins that block our relationship with him.

How does God want you…

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