A God of Mercy and Love

If you want to know who God is, look at what he has done.

A God of Mercy and Love

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Who is God? Philosophers have puzzled over this question for thousands of years. And they’re still puzzling! It’s the one question that never really goes away.

It’s not like asking: “What is one plus one?” or “What is the difference between a noun and a verb?” Those questions are so much easier because they have black-and-white answers. There is no room for debate. Countless textbooks have told us the answers with great certainty.

But God can’t be quantified like a math problem. He can’t be diagrammed like a sentence. And the “textbook” that we may want to consult for an answer—the Bible—doesn’t contain a precise, black-and-white definition. It doesn’t even give us a biography! It simply tells us that there is a God, and then it goes on to recount many of the things he has said and done over the centuries. It’s as if God is telling us that if we want to know who he is, we should look at what he has…

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