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Meditation: Ezekiel 2:2-5

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14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

I am sending you … (Ezekiel 2:3)

Rebellious, stiff-necked, obstinate. Why would God go to the trouble of sending Ezekiel to speak his message to people who didn’t seem inclined to listen? It seems like a waste of time. But that’s how lavish God is with his love!

God wants to speak to his people! In Old Testament times, he sent prophets. Then he sent his Son. Now, he is sending us as his messengers. It’s a safe conclusion that God really wants to speak to his people! His longing to connect with us can’t be contained.

Today’s first reading also tells us that our disposition doesn’t change God’s desire to speak to us. He sent Ezekiel to speak his word to a people he knew was hard-hearted. He didn’t tell his prophets to avoid them. He didn’t send them just to the holy, the expectant, and the receptive. We see this also in today’s Gospel reading: Jesus spoke to the people in his hometown, even though many of them rejected him.

Thank God that he is so persistent! You may be in a particularly receptive place in your life right now. Praise God for that! But maybe you’re struggling. Perhaps you’ve been hurt and you’re not inclined to listen to God talk to you about a certain area of your life. It doesn’t matter. He still wants to reach out to you and give you a taste of his love and guidance.

You can be sure that God will be sending you messengers today, so keep your eyes open! Look in the usual places like Mass and your loved ones. But give him permission to speak to you in unexpected ways as well—maybe through a television commercial or a street sign or some other unusual way. Let his word break into your heart. Allow the wave of his desire for you to wash away any obstacles. He is sending his word to you. Receive it, and let it lift you up!

“Lord, I am amazed that even when I am moody or withdrawn, you keep speaking to me! Thank you for your relentless love.”

Psalm 123:1-4
2 Corinthians 12:7-10
Mark 6:1-6

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