Beyond CCD

Making the most of your child’s religious education

Beyond CCD

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You are a conscientious Catholic parent who wants your children to learn about their faith.

So each year you enroll them in your parish religious education program. You cart them off to church once a week for class. You make sure they remember their books and finish their homework. You attend the required parent meetings. And you hope for the best.

In addition to sacramental preparation, however, how can your child benefit from religious education? Will she become knowledgeable about her faith? Will he embrace Catholic values? Will your child develop a personal relationship with Jesus, and work for social justice in the world?

We want the best for our children, and that means a rich Catholic spirituality. Yet to expect religious education to fulfill all of these goals is probably unrealistic. No matter how well designed the parish CCD program, if religious education does not go beyond the walls of the classroom, it…

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