A Tale of Two Friends

Francis Xavier, Ignatius of Loyola, and the Power of Friendship in the Lord

A Tale of Two Friends

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St. Francis Xavier—the sixteenth-century Jesuit who spread the gospel in India, Indonesia, and Japan—has been called the greatest missionary since St. Paul. This intrepid priest broke new ground and evangelized on a large scale, despite great dangers, deprivations, and hardships.

In only ten years, Francis opened so many doors and led so many people to Christ that it’s easy to forget how simply his story began. Like each of us, he first had to meet Jesus one on one, in the silence of his own heart. And like many of us, he got to that point because someone took the time and trouble to befriend him and lead him to God.

And so, while this is a story about evangelization to the ends of the earth, it is also about the potential of the everyday evangelism that is well within our reach. This is a story about friendship in the Lord.

Winning Ways. It began in 1527 at the University of Paris, where nineteen-year-old Francis de Jassu y Xavier was a promising scholar and athlete. A nobleman from a Navarre…

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