Be True to Your Spouse-to-Be

What do you say when your teen asks, “Why wait?”

Be True to Your Spouse-to-Be

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A teenager came up to me once after I had given a talk on marriage and asked me, "Why did God make sex feel so great and then expect us to wait so long before we can use it?" He continued, "Personally, I think there is nothing wrong with sex before marriage as long as each person agrees."

Because I am a professional psychologist, the first thoughts that came into my mind were scientific and rational. First, I am aware of a long list of studies and surveys in sociology that conclude that those persons who engage in premarital sex are significantly more likely to engage in extramarital sex as well. Second, the research also shows that those who engage in premarital sex are significantly more likely to get divorced.

These data are sufficient to demonstrate that people who wait until after marriage to experience sex are more likely to have a healthy marriage. However, all my instincts told me that statistics can be dry and meaningless in the eyes of a teenager.

Instead of stats and studies, I felt that I should share with this questioning teen some of the truths that I have learned during…

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