Calling.  The Story of Saint Katharine Drexel

Saint Katharine Drexel (1858–1955)

Calling.  The Story of Saint Katharine Drexel

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I shall instruct you and teach you the way to go; I shall not take my eyes off you. —Psalm 32:8

You have heard the voice of God.

You may not be aware of it, but God is speaking to you. He is calling you to come to him. He yearns for you and wants to give you the gift of himself. He whispers his desire for you in your heart, and you may sense his voice as a deep-seated, unfulfilled longing. He calls you to respond by giving yourself to him. Because he loves you, he wants you to offer yourself freely, so he does not command or force you. Rather he invites you, speaking to you softly through family, friends, choices, failures, circumstances, desires, and many other initiatives of grace. He speaks especially through your desires because they reflect his desire for you.

Sometimes he calls a person to a specific service, perhaps as a priest, a minister, a…

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