It Started with a Calendar

One Man’s Advent Adventure

It Started with a Calendar

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Some years ago, as Advent was approaching, I began to feel that my relationship with God had reached a plateau. Wanting to find deeper meaning in the season, I took one of the Advent calendars provided by our parish which listed each day’s Mass readings. Then I went to a local bookstore to buy the same Bible that my two daughters had used for their religious education classes.

I brought the calendar and Bible to work with me and began to read the daily readings at lunchtime. I didn’t experience any great conversion or powerful insight. When Advent ended, though, I wanted to keep going. Something kept tugging at me to keep reading. I started with the Gospels, with the goal of finishing them by Easter. In this way, I read the Bible cover to cover. Then I went back to the daily readings, recognizing that, for me, this was the most fruitful way to read Scripture.

At first, my time with Scripture didn’t feel very enlightening. There were no sudden zaps of inspiration or great revelations. I would read several verses and usually didn’t get a lot out of them. But something kept tugging at me to keep going. Gradually, over time I began…

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