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Mother Mary, Help Us

Mary Shows Us How to Live in the Spirit.

Let Works of Mercy Be Our Delight

The Virgin Mary teaches us what it means to live in the Holy Spirit and what it means to accept the news of God in our lives. She conceived Jesus by the work of the Holy Spirit, and every Christian, each one of us, is called to accept the Word of God, to accept Jesus inside of us, and then to bring him to everyone.

Mary invoked the Holy Spirit with the apostles in the upper room; we, too, every time that we come together in prayer, are sustained by the spiritual presence of the Mother of Jesus in order to receive the gift of the Spirit and to have the strength to witness to Jesus risen… . May Mary help you to be attentive to what the Lord asks of you and to live and walk forever with the Holy Spirit!

She Always Hurries to Us Our Lady, as soon as she had heard the news that she was to be the Mother of Jesus and the announcement that her cousin Elizabeth was expecting a child—the Gospel says—she went to her in haste; she did not wait. She did not say, “But now I am with child; I must take care of my health; my cousin is bound to have friends who can care for her.” Something stirred her and she “went with haste” to Elizabeth (Luke 1:39). It is beautiful to think this of Our Lady, of our Mother, that she hastens, because she intends to help. She goes to help; she doesn’t go to boast and tell her cousin, “Listen, I’m in charge now, because I am the Mother of God!” No, she did not do that. She went to help! And Our Lady is always like this. She is our Mother who always hurries to us whenever we are in need. It would be beautiful to add to the Litany of Our Lady something like this: “O Lady who goes in haste, pray for us!” It is lovely, isn’t it? For she always goes in haste; she does not forget her children. And when her children are in difficulty, when they need something and call on her, she hurries to them. This gives us a security, the security of always having our Mother next to us, beside us. We move forward, we journey more easily in life, when our mother is near. Let us think of this grace of Our Lady, this grace that she gives us: of being close to us, but without making us wait for her. Always! She—let us trust in this—she lives to help us: Our Lady who always hastens, for our sake.

Mary’s Example: Love God and Neighbor The Holy Virgin made of her existence an unceasing and beautiful gift to God because she loved the Lord. Mary’s example is an incentive … for all of us to live in charity for our neighbor, not out of some sort of social duty, but beginning from the love of God, from the charity of God. And also, … Mary is the one who leads us to Jesus and teaches us how to go to Jesus; and the Mother of Jesus is our own and makes a family, with us and with Jesus.

Our Lady Helps Us Grow Strong A mother helps her children grow up and wants them to grow strong; that is why she teaches them not to be lazy—which can also derive from a certain kind of well-being—[and] not to sink into a comfortable lifestyle, contenting oneself with possessions. The mother takes care that her children develop better, that they grow strong, capable of accepting responsibilities, of engaging in life, of striving for great ideals. The Gospel of St Luke tells us that in the family of Nazareth, Jesus “grew and became strong, filled with wisdom; and the favor of God was upon him” (2:40). Our Lady does just this for us; she helps us to grow as human beings and in the faith, to be strong and never to fall into the temptation of being human beings and Christians in a superficial way, but to live responsibly, to strive ever higher.

Excerpted from Pope Francis Speaks to Our Hearts.