Time to Wake Up!

Set some goals for Advent.

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Every parent knows this scenario: you go into your child’s bedroom and say, “Rise and shine! Time to get up for school.”

Out from under the covers comes a sleepy voice: “I’m tired. I don’t want to get up.” Eventually, the child musters up the energy, stumbles out of bed, bolts down a piece of toast, and hurries off to school.

Of course, both adults and children need wake-up calls—and not only to begin the day. And so, as we enter into Advent, the Church challenges us not to let our hearts “become drowsy” (Luke 21:34) but to “awake from sleep” (Romans 13:11) and use this season—and the celebration of Christmas—to renew our ardent desire for Jesus to come again. The Gospel reminds us to be ready because Jesus is going to come at an unexpected hour, catching many by surprise (Luke 21:34).

The Mystery of Our Faith. How do we prepare? What can we do so as to…

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