Two Goals for Your New Year

Include them in your game plan, and watch what happens.

Two Goals for Your New Year

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When I was in college, I dreaded semester finals. Sometimes, I had three finals on one day. When I graduated, I was glad because I thought my testing days were over. I was wrong.

As I have grown older, I have come more and more to look at life itself as a test. Each day, year, and decade tests my integrity and my honesty, my willingness to follow Jesus. They test my ability to develop long-lasting and loving relationships. They test my desire to attain the maximum that God has for me during my life. They test my ability to love and nurture my marriage and my family. The tests of life do not end with graduation. In fact, they go on—even until the end of our days.

But I’ve found something that helps me to approach these tests in the different areas of my life. It’s the simple strategy of setting goals. We need goals. They help us stay focused and on course.

And so, at the beginning of each…

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