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Personal Spirituality Keep the Fire Burning

Keeping the Fire of the Holy Spirit Burning in Our Hearts

Feb 2015
Personal Spirituality Yielding to the Holy Spirit

Five Ways To Experience His Love More Deeply

Jun 2014
Personal Spirituality He Changed Me

Witnessing to the Power of the Cross

Apr 2014
Personal Spirituality Mary’s Touch

It’s a sign of the Spirit at work.

Feb 2014
Personal Spirituality Learn to Share the Gospel

You can do it! Here’s how.

Oct 2013
Personal Spirituality Divine Encounter at the Gas Station

The wind of the Spirit blows where it will.

Jul 2013
Personal Spirituality The Exciting Call to Ongoing Conversion

How you can go further with God

May 2013
Personal Spirituality Holy Spirit Moments

Four glimpses of the Spirit at work in daily life.

May 2013
Marriage & Family Your Family—the Holy Spirit’s Greenhouse

It’s where the fruit of the Spirit is meant to grow.

May 2013
Personal Spirituality You Will Receive Power

We really can change the world.

May 2013
Personal Spirituality The Spirit Lives within You

He is sustaining your life, right this minute.

May 2013
Personal Spirituality Abba! Father!

How does Scripture describe our Father?

Apr 2013
Saints & Christian Heroes Open Your Eyes

Through my tears, I finally understood.

Jan 2013
Personal Spirituality A Revolutionary New Year’s Resolution

If you really want to change, then get to know God’s word.

Jan 2013
Prayer Remembering the Innocents

And praying for every child of God

Dec 2012
Saints & Christian Heroes A Passionate Church

Where did the first believers get their courage and conviction?

Dec 2012
Prayer Let All Your People Bless You, Lord!

A Prayer Inspired by Psalm 145

Aug 2012
Personal Spirituality With Eyes Wide Open

Encountering the Lord in Adoration

Jun 2012
Marriage & Family The Real Christmas Spirit

It wasn’t just Santa who appeared by a little girl’s bedside one June day.

Jun 2012
Personal Spirituality Contemplate the Trinity

It’s the way to happiness.

Jun 2012
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