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Marriage & Family Sharing the Faith That You Love

How can all of us, everyday people who have no special training, become zealous evangelists?

Jul 2015
Personal Spirituality When Your Worst Fear Becomes Reality

I can’t think. I can hardly pray. But I can trust and love.

Apr 2015
Personal Spirituality He Changed Me

Witnessing to the Power of the Cross

Apr 2014
Personal Spirituality A Place in God’s Family

I found it when I learned to forgive.

Dec 2013
Personal Spirituality Friends in Heaven

No one should have to carry the load alone.

Nov 2013
Personal Spirituality Jesus Loves Me as I Am

He’s my Savior, not my accuser.

Oct 2013
Saints & Christian Heroes Sister Cora’s Last Lesson

A powerful teaching from an unlikely source

Oct 2013
Personal Spirituality The Triumphant Message of the Cross

What Jesus’ victory means for each and every one of us.

Sep 2013
Personal Spirituality A Bigger Plan

Two Scripture passages helped me look beyond myself.

Sep 2013
Marriage & Family The Ravine

Our Mini-Pilgrimage to the Martyrs’ Shrine

Aug 2013
Personal Spirituality Divine Encounter at the Gas Station

The wind of the Spirit blows where it will.

Jul 2013
Personal Spirituality I Believe in Miracles

Signs of Love from the Mighty Hand of God

Jul 2013
Personal Spirituality A Lifeline in the Night

What do you do when you’re too worried to sleep?

Jul 2013
Prayer Praying at Traffic Lights

A simple, easy, way to “pray always”

Jun 2013
Personal Spirituality Depression, Suicide, and Galatians 2

Jesus showed me that my suffering was linked with his.

Jun 2013
Marriage & Family When the Going Gets Tough, I Go to Jesus

New strength through Eucharistic Adoration

Jun 2013
Personal Spirituality Holy Spirit Moments

Four glimpses of the Spirit at work in daily life.

May 2013
Marriage & Family The Power of a Praying Son

The Spirit showed me how to pray and what to say.

Apr 2013
Personal Spirituality From Rage to Resurrection

A bereaved mother encounters Jesus.

Apr 2013
Personal Spirituality I Left Bitterness Behind

How God allowed hope and healing to flower in my life

Mar 2013
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