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Marriage & Family Miracles Still Happen

You just have to ask for them.

Apr 2014
Personal Spirituality Follow Me

Committing our lives to Jesus is a day-by-day calling.

Mar 2014
Prayer Sitting with Jesus in Prayer

A Simple Guide

Mar 2014
Prayer The Illuminated Imagination

How to Pray the Contemplative Way

Feb 2014
Personal Spirituality Wisdom for Every “Martha”

Brother Lawrence found the secret of abiding joy.

Feb 2014
Marriage & Family Small Is Powerful

This year, try the “little way” of family prayer.

Jan 2014
Prayer Conversing with God in Advent and Christmas

Praying the Sunday mass readings with lectio divina

Dec 2013
Personal Spirituality Clothed with the Garment of Salvation

We have a wonderful dignity in Christ.

Nov 2013
Saints & Christian Heroes The Woman Who Never Gave Up

The Life of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

Nov 2013
Personal Spirituality For Those Who Have Ears to Hear . . .

The Promise of Receiving God’s Revelation

Nov 2013
Marriage & Family A Simple Way to Help Your Children

A Few Minutes a Night

Oct 2013
Prayer Return to the Lord!

The Book of Haggai has a message for us today.

Sep 2013
Prayer Pray with Pope Francis!

Special Intentions for October

Sep 2013
Prayer Pray with Pope Francis!

Special Intentions for August

Aug 2013
Prayer Wait, and Be Stretched

Don’t give up praying for your loved ones.

Jul 2013
Personal Spirituality I Believe in Miracles

Signs of Love from the Mighty Hand of God

Jul 2013
Personal Spirituality A Lifeline in the Night

What do you do when you’re too worried to sleep?

Jul 2013
Prayer Praying at Traffic Lights

A simple, easy, way to “pray always”

Jun 2013
Prayer We Dare to Call God “Father”

How to know, live, and share this life-changing truth

Jun 2013
Personal Spirituality Jesus Saves—and Heals!

He came to restore our bodies as well as our souls.

Jun 2013
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