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Personal Spirituality Waiting in Joyful Hope

A heavenly perspective can change your earthly life.

Nov 2014
Personal Spirituality The Last and Greatest Journey

Prepare now—in trust and joy—and Jesus at your side.

Nov 2014
Personal Spirituality Got Goliaths?

David shows us how to rise above fear and never lose hope.

Sep 2014
Prayer Five Key Themes From Scripture

An excerpt from "The Quick Reference Guide to the Catholic Bible"

Aug 2014
Personal Spirituality No Bible, No Breakfast; No Bible, No Bed

Selected July Meditations

Jul 2014
Personal Spirituality Practical Pointers for Bible Discussion Groups

Coming Closer to the Lord with Others

May 2014
Prayer Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

A Prayer to move away from fear and toward Jesus.

May 2014
Prayer Sitting with Jesus in Prayer

A Simple Guide

Mar 2014
Personal Spirituality Visions of the Messiah

Praying the Psalms Can Reveal Jesus to Us

Oct 2013
Personal Spirituality When Jesus Brings Division

In confronting sin, he’s anything but “meek and mild.”

Aug 2013
Saints & Christian Heroes Why Thomas More Loved the Psalms

In the shadow of death, they brought him hope.

Jun 2013
Personal Spirituality Depression, Suicide, and Galatians 2

Jesus showed me that my suffering was linked with his.

Jun 2013
Personal Spirituality Surprised by the Joyful Mysteries

They taught me how to say yes.

Apr 2013
Personal Spirituality The Women at the Tomb

What kept them close to Jesus?

Mar 2013
Personal Spirituality Present Yourself to God

Mary and Joseph, Anna and Simeon show the way.

Feb 2013
Personal Spirituality A Revolutionary New Year’s Resolution

If you really want to change, then get to know God’s word.

Jan 2013
Personal Spirituality Disaster, Distress, and Determined Faith

Lessons from the Book of Job

Oct 2012
Personal Spirituality Proclaiming the Word of the Lord

Elijah calls us to stand up for God and his people.

Jun 2012
Personal Spirituality What Made Him Do It?

Judas and the Mystery of Evil

Apr 2012
Prayer Walk with Jesus This Week

Rereading Mark 14—15 is a good start.

Apr 2012
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