The Word Among Us

Lent 2005 Issue


Isn't it amazing the way Scripture turns so many things upside down? The meek inherit the earth, while the proud are humbled and brought low. It's only in dying that we find life. Those who are last become the first. Over and over again in Scripture, things are not what they seem, and the more time we spend reading the Bible, the more paradoxes we seem to find. More »

After forty years of wandering in the desert, just as Israel was about to enter the Promised Land, God commanded them to be strong and brave (Joshua 1:6). He wanted them to know that while he did promise them a home for themselves, the Israelites had to cooperate with him in order to receive this inheritance. More »

What do the following actions—prayerful worship and seeking spiritual guidance (Acts 13:2), commissioning missionaries (13:3), consecrating elders and priests (14:23), responding to times of danger (Esther 4:16), mourning a death 
(1 Samuel 31:11-13), repentance (1 Kings 21:27), and intercession for the sick (2 Samuel 12:15-17)—have in common? More »

When people go on a diet, they want results. Those who adopt an exercise program are looking for results. Athletes who compete in a sport also want results: They want to win. As we enter into the desert with Jesus this Lent, we too want results. We want to see God work in our midst. We want to see his glory and experience his transforming power. More »

Special Feature

When I first picked up A Family Journey with Jesus through Lent, I wondered whether it would stand out among the many other books competing for our attention this season. More »

Around the middle of the sixth century, an Italian monk wrote some guidelines for people interested in the monastic life. The result was a small book that he described as "advice from a father who loves you." More »

I'm a "list" person. You know my kind. I have lists for doing just about everything. Not just to go grocery shopping—that's for amateurs—but also to clean the house, go out for a day on the boat, and even to go on vacation. I've got lists of goals, projects, writing ideas, humorous anecdotes, and even for my favorite cigars and wines. Now that I've started exercising, I have a list for when I should exercise and another for when I actually do exercise. More »