The Word Among Us

Easter 2005 Issue


What is the message of Easter Sunday? Nothing other than the truth that the almighty, eternal, sovereign God is on our side! This is the good news. Through the cross of Christ, God has destroyed the dominion of Satan and set us free from bondage to sin and death. Jesus Christ has triumphed! He has conquered everything that could ever separate us from God. More »

It's a funny thing about time. As important as it is to us, it just keeps marching on, oblivious to the events that unfold under its gaze. Nothing that happens on earth can stop the hours from ticking by. Nothing halts the seasons from their seemingly endless cycle. One springtime is much like another. This summer may be a bit hotter or cooler than last summer, but nothing dramatic ever seems to change. More »

Scripture is filled with passages like these—passages that speak about God in terms of light and sin in terms of darkness. Any of us who has attended an Easter Vigil Mass has witnessed a dramatic illustration of this imagery as the Paschal Candle is lit and all the other candles in the darkened church are lighted from its flame. Slowly, as more candles are set ablaze, we see the light of Christ overcoming the darkness of sin and separation from him. More »

Special Feature

The Communist interrogator couldn't stand it any longer. "Admit it!" he shouted to the priest, "You're part of a Vatican plot! You're nothing more than an Imperialist lackey!" But the newly appointed archbishop of Saigon, Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan, answered quietly and directly, "No. I will not admit anything of the kind." More »

I have often thought that if I did unto others what I would like others to do to me (Luke 6:31), then I would have reached the perfection of charity. Then, satisfied that I had accomplished all that was necessary, I could rest from my efforts. But that is not your unit of measure, Lord. More »

One day, in a fund-raising mailing from a religious organization, I received a five-by-seven image of Christ that depicted him in a way I had never seen before. He was clothed in a white robe, and his right hand was raised in blessing. With his left hand, he pointed to his heart, from which streamed two rays of light—one red, one white. The picture bore a prayer: "Jesus, I trust in you." More »