The Word Among Us

January 2007 Issue

Publisher's Letter

I am what you would call a "cradle Catholic." Growing up, I attended church each week, was enrolled in Catholic school, was an altar boy for six years, and stayed out of any serious trouble. Yet looking back, I’d have to say that as much as I tried to reverence the Lord in these ways, I didn’t really know him. More »

The person who thirsts for God eagerly studies and meditates on the inspired word, knowing that there he is certain to find the one for whom he thirsts 
(St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Commentary on the Song of Songs, 
Sermon 23:3). More »

Every new year presents us with an exciting challenge and opportunity. As another year fades into memory and as we stand on the brink of a new beginning, we almost naturally ask ourselves, "What can I do this year to better myself?" More »

Special Feature

Answer: We all do. Another question: Should we expect miracles to happen? And if yes, how often? The answer depends on what we think a miracle is. Is it necessarily an awesome, earth-shaking prodigy? Is it an event that defies natural explanation? More »

It was a cold, snowy winter morning. I was the only person in the rectory office, where I worked as pastoral coordinator for the parish. With my coat still on, I answered the ringing telephone. More »

On the night of March 21, 1748, in the North Atlantic east of Newfoundland, the English merchant vessel Greyhound sailed into a severe storm. Within minutes, violent winds splintered the mast and crashing waves began to tear away the ship’s upper timbers. More »