The Word Among Us

Lent 2008 Issue

Publisher's Letter

I always find Lent a refreshing season—even with its call to fasting and almsgiving! It’s a perfect time to examine what goes on in my mind: to reflect on the way I think and ask whether my thoughts (and the actions that flow from them) are pleasing to the Lord. More »


Fighting the Good Fight

From war movies to westerns to science-fiction films and even romantic comedies, countless films focus on the theme of good guys versus bad guys. Perhaps this is how St. Paul was thinking when he wrote his Letter to the Romans. Especially in Chapter 8 of the letter, Paul sets out a good guy/bad guy scenario. More »

Remember Me

Computers are a bit like people. With our five senses, we receive input from the world around us. Then with our minds, we analyze this input, decide how we will respond, and store our decision and response in our memory. Similarly, a computer receives input through its keyboard and mouse. More »

The Hope of Transformation

Children are fascinated by so many things that we adults tend to take for granted. For example, have you ever noticed how intrigued kids are with caterpillars? Long before they turn into butterflies, these odd-looking, fuzzy creatures have already captured young people’s imaginations. Then, when they find out that these insects turn into beautiful butterflies, their fascination turns into admiration and fantasy. What was once a funny looking cross between a worm and an insect has turned into a thing of grace and beauty. More »

Special Feature

It’s tempting, sometimes, to think of our minds as a hindrance to a deeper life with God: If only my mind weren’t going a mile a minute. . . . I just don’t have the willpower to stick to my Lenten resolutions. . . . I know I shouldn’t think that way, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. . . . I’d be holier if I could just turn my mind off. . . . More »

The Commitment to Change

Have you ever thought you were doing well in your faith, only to discover you could have been doing much better? Have you ever been confronted with a personal weakness or sin that made you long for transformation? Do you remember the discouragement and frustration? Well, last year I discovered a radical way to get focused and grow in God’s grace. Here is how it happened. More »

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, popularly known as the Little Flower, died in 1897 at the age of twenty-four. Had she lived to be ninety, as two of her blood sisters did, she would have died in 1963. She is, therefore, in a sense, our contemporary. As Pope John Paul II said when he named her a Doctor of the Church in 1997, she offers us a contemporary understanding of love, the essence of the gospel. More »