The Word Among Us

January 2009 Issue

Put on the Mind of Christ

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Publisher's Letter

The beginning of a new year can be a time for reflection and a time for change. As you read this issue of The Word Among Us, I'd like to ask all of us to reflect on the way we think and act. More »


Being a “Like-Minded” People

Most of us begin the new year with a celebration, spending time with family and friends, thanking God for the blessings of the past year, and looking forward to the year to come. More »

Sources of Guidance

What do you think are some of the most pressing ills confronting the world today? Abortion? Human slavery? Euthanasia? It seems, more and more, that questions like these are up for grabs. People wonder, “What is the right way?” “Is there even a right way at all?” More »

Thinking with Jesus

The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries saw a huge increase in productivity in the developed world. With the advent of assembly-line manufacturing, factories and mills made large strides in efficiency and output. This period is often called the Industrial Revolution because of the dramatic way that the growth of industries changed society. As with any other social transformation, however, these changes had elements of both light and darkness to them. And as we might expect, the church took notice. More »

Exploring a Love unto Death

Every Lent, we are invited to join Jesus on a familiar journey. We follow along from his entrance into Jerusalem to his suffering at Gethsemane and his death at Golgotha, before finally bursting forth in rejoicing at his resurrection on Easter Sunday. More »