The Word Among Us

Lent 2009 Issue

The Glory of the Cross

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The Glory of the Cross

As we begin our season of Lent, let’s look ahead to Good Friday, the event that the whole of Lent points us toward. Let’s go to Calvary and look closely at the cross of Christ. More »

Carrying the Cross

Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me. (Mark 8:34) More »

Finding the Power to Overcome

Sometimes Jesus made his point by speaking in exaggerations. Nowhere is this more clear than when he talked about the dangers of sin. More »

Almost everywhere you look—in families, neighborhoods, workplaces, classrooms, and even in the church—you see a world torn by factions and divisions. More »

Special Feature

A Present, Powerful, and Surprising God

Growing up, I was blessed with parents and grandparents whose Catholic faith was a constant witness to the fruit of the Spirit. That made it easier for me to develop my own relationship with Christ, and to see and experience the gifts of the Spirit in many tangible ways. More »

A Saint for Late Beginners

She grew up serving beer and listening to the rough jokes of soldiers and tradesmen at her father’s tavern. Then one day, a striking young man with a pale complexion, resplendent in his military uniform, came to town. More »

Embracing the Cross with Little Ones

It was Lent, and our six-year-old, Ellen, was busily drawing a picture of herself standing next to the cross. She looked up, struck by a sudden idea. “Is it okay if I draw myself with my hand on Jesus?” she wanted to know. More »

How well do you know yourself? I was forty-four years old, a mother, grandmother, and “a good Catholic,” when I hired two criminals to take care of a problem. You may wonder how I could stoop so low. More »