The Word Among Us

October 2010 Issue

Keep Moving Forward!

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Publisher's Letter

When I was in college, I played on the golf team. Before I ever took a swing I would stand back and imagine what I wanted to do: the arc of the swing, the flight path of the ball, and the end result of where I wanted the ball to land. Over and over again my coach told me that the secret to playing exceptional golf was to make sure that you are imagining a success story and not a horror story as you picture your swing. More »


Answering the Call to Christian Maturity

Have you ever noticed how many images the Bible uses to explain spiritual truths? God is described as a loving Father, a fiery warrior, and even a nursing mother. More »

Solid Food Is for the Mature

It was a big day for little Emily. She had just received her First Holy Communion, and now she was back at home with her family for a party to celebrate the event. More »

If Only God Permits

"Therefore, let us leave behind the basic teaching about Christ and advance to maturity. . . . And we shall do this, if only God permits." (Hebrews 6:1,3) More »

Mary MacKillop’s Rocky Road to Holiness

Good mothers generally produce good people. But Australian Mary MacKillop (1842-1909) went beyond the very real goodness of her siblings to sanctity. More »

Special Feature

When the Grief Won’t Go Away

Abortion—some pray for the men and women involved, while others participate in marches for life, reach out to women experiencing unexpected pregnancies, or advocate for life-affirming legislation. But even if legalized abortion were to end today, the aftermath would continue far into the future. More »

God Always Provides

After my ordination, I was assigned to work with the growing number of Hispanic immigrants in my diocese. Most of them were from Mexico, but just about every Latin country was represented among them. More »