The Word Among Us

Advent 2010 Issue

Publisher's Letter

When I was studying for my PhD in Theology, my mentor, Fr. Francis Martin, took great pains to portray the Gospel writers as some of the greatest theologians the church has ever seen. And over the years since then, I have come to see just how accurate Fr. Francis was. More »


Exploring the Mystery

Accountants go over balance sheets millions of times. Lawyers study depositions into the night. Doctors are always keeping up with the latest research so that they can diagnose their patients accurately. More »

In 1913, George Bernard Shaw published a play called "Pygmalion". The play tells the story of a young cockney woman named Eliza Doolittle and a well-bred professor named Henry Higgins. More »

A Season of Grace and Favor

As he did with Mary and Joseph and so many others two thousand years ago, God is still pouring his grace upon the church. The more alert we are spiritually, the more we will be able to recognize the grace when it comes to us. More »

Special Feature

Have you ever been an Advent angel? That’s when you draw a person’s name out of a hat and then, without revealing your identity, find ways to help and support them during Advent—by praying for their needs, performing secret acts of kindness, giving small gifts, and just generally doing them good. More »

A Mother’s Treasure

Now that the nights are longer and the Christmas lights are twinkling, my mind wanders back to my son’s first Christmas nine years ago. Back then I used to say that my little Louie was a perfect angel, because real angels don’t eat or sleep; they possess infinite energy and are always on a mission. More »

Getting to Yes

A young woman from an insignificant village in an occupied land said it first, said it best, and said it in a way that changed the world: Yes, Lord. “May it be done to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38 ). More »

Ordinary People—Extraordinary Work

Every Monday morning, I drive to a big old house in a nearby downtown area. It isn’t a fancy place—everything, from the couch to the coffee mugs, is donated—but it’s cheery and welcoming, just like the staff and volunteers I work with there. More »