The Word Among Us

October 2011 Issue

Publisher's Letter

A God of Comfort

Over the past three years, at least fifteen people in my small parish have lost their jobs. Friends in the construction business tell me that they are now building homes “at cost,” without any profit, just to stay afloat. More »


I Am He Who Comforts You

In his 2006 book, "The Crash Comes", a German economist named Max Otte predicted that the practices of mortgage lending at the time would lead to a financial crash. As he saw it, financial institutions’ habit of approving unsustainable loans would leave a lot of home owners overextended and burdened with debts they could not possibly repay. Otte predicted that the value of the U.S. dollar would fall significantly, triggering a worldwide economic crisis. More »

How Long, O Lord?

This is probably one of the most vexing questions we could ever ask. And it’s particularly appropriate these days, as we see so many people struggling in a bad economy. More »

You Are Not Alone

We all face times in our lives when we feel alone and confused. Our marriage may hit a rough patch, or our children may be struggling. Our bills may be piling up, or our job may be in jeopardy. It can seem so frustrating, and we can feel as if no one understands what we are going though. More »

Burma Comes to Bowling Green

When Mu Hpare arrived in Bowling Green, Kentucky, two years ago, she didn’t use the oven in her apartment for two weeks for fear that she would burn the building down. Instead, she and her one-year-old son ate straight from the boxes and cans she bought at the grocery store. More »

Prayers to Comfort the Heart

Envy is near the top of my list of temptations. I’m not jealous of those who own diamond rings, luxury cars, or gorgeous mansions. I don’t pine for designer fashions (well, maybe Christian Louboutin shoes!) or red-carpet fame More »