The Word Among Us

May 2013 Issue

Rejoice in Your Salvation.

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Publisher's Letter

Grace upon Grace

Last summer, I made my first-ever visit to a water park with my children and grand-children. The park had a huge wave pool—a massive swimming pool that had waves crashing in it every few minutes. More »


So Great a Salvation

Can you imagine how exciting it must have been for Mary Magdalene and the other disciples when they first saw the risen Lord? Their Teacher and Master had been taken from them and executed in the cruelest way possible. But now he stood before them, alive again and suffused with divine glory. How could they help but be excited? More »

An Unfolding Salvation

Christianity is a paradox, isn’t it? On the one hand, Jesus saved us when he died and rose again. Our sins are washed away, and we don’t have to live under a cloud of fear, anxiety, or guilt any more. But on the other hand, even a quick look at our lives shows us that a lot of “saving” still remains for him to do. After all, none of us is perfect! More »

Show Us Your Salvation!

Heaven is a wonderful place
It’s filled with glory and grace
I want to see my Savior’s face
Heaven is a wonderful place! More »

Special Feature

The Hospitable Martyr

The urban center of northern England is the ancient and fascinating city of York. Still surrounded by five-hundred-year-old walls and gates, filled with tiny stone streets and crooked medieval houses, and dominated by the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe, York is one of my favorite places in England. More »

But What about John?

Margaret Clitherow is among the relatively small group of happily married women whom the Church has seen fit to canonize. Her relationship with her husband, John, was loving, but it must have been complex. More »

An Experiment in Evangelization

On a freezing January afternoon, a small group gathered in my living room to pray for a few minutes and ask God for guidance. It wasn’t the first time that I had asked the Lord for direction. And often, while praying about a particular situation or decision, I had sensed him speaking to me. But it was different this time. The six of us—all ordinary people in our twenties, some in college and others with jobs—were about to try something new: an evangelistic expedition to the local mall. More »