The Word Among Us

October 2014 Issue

The Little Nun Who Could

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Publisher's Letter

Happy Birthday, Teresa!

This month, on October 15, the Church will begin a yearlong celebration of St. Teresa of Ávila’s five-hundredth birthday, and we want to join in the celebration. More »


St. Teresa of Ávila

It isn’t often that a person’s birthday is celebrated for an entire year. But then, Teresa of Ávila was no ordinary person! Not only was she one of the giants of Spanish literature; she was a religious reformer, a mystic, and a pioneer in the spiritual life. More »

Teresa of Ávila: Slayer of Dragons

St. Teresa of Ávila was one of the most earthbound mystics our Church has ever seen. She knew how to ascend to the heavens with the Holy Spirit yet never lose her footing on the earth. More »

A Deep Sharing between Friends

We like to place people in categories, don’t we? Is this person a thinker or a doer? A dreamer or a realist? Friendly or reserved? More »

Special Feature

Pope Paul VI

On October 19 of this year, Pope Francis will preside over the beatification of Pope Paul VI. More »

God Alone Suffices

What sorts of things constitute a parent’s worst nightmare? Discovering that a child is on drugs or failing in school? Learning that a son or daughter has a chronic, life-threatening health problem? More »

A Road Map to Joy

The truth is, I felt too busy for joy. As I tried to bring myself around to attentively reading Anne Costa’s newest book, I could only think that Breaking into Joy was something for another time of my life—when my kids are settled, when I’m not in the car driving people around multiple times a day, when my house is organized, and when I am more consistent in my prayer life. But now? Joy? More »