The Word Among Us

September 2016 Issue

Only All for God and Jesus

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Publisher's Letter

A Letter from the Publisher

Years ago, a young priest who was a friend of mine had the opportunity to meet Mother Teresa. On the day for his appointment with her, he went to the convent and was brought into a separate room to wait for Mother to come in. More »

Only All for God and Jesus

When Pope Francis canonizes Mother Teresa of Calcutta this month, he will be adding his voice to those of the millions around the world who already regard her as a saint. More »

Special Feature

Sharing the Strength of Presence

When Mother Teresa accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, she said she would use the money to “make homes” for many people who had no home. More »

“Risk Your Heart”

It’s not every day the Catholic Church declares your friend a saint. But when Blessed Mother Teresa becomes Saint Teresa of Kolkata this month, that will be true for me. More »