The Word Among Us

February 2017 Issue

Many Miracles of Grace

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Publisher's Letter

A Letter from the Publisher

It’s one thing to dabble with a piano, but it’s another thing to play it like a virtuoso. Similarly, it’s one thing to go to an occasional wine tasting, but it’s another to be a wine connoisseur. More »


A Spiritual Breakthrough

Have you ever had a breakthrough? You have been working hard at a project and not making much progress, when everything suddenly comes into focus and you know exactly how to proceed. Or have you ever struggled to understand a new concept, perhaps in math class, and then finally the “lightbulb” turns on, and it makes sense to you? More »

Many Miracles of Grace

When we think about conversion, we tend to focus on what we do and how we act: our decision to turn away from sin and our decision to turn toward Christ. Of course, this is a crucial aspect of conversion, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact it is also a work of God’s amazing grace. More »

A Never-Ending Feast for the Soul

Imagine you have been invited to an elegant dinner party. Filled with anticipation, you put on your best clothes and head for the banquet hall. When you enter the dining room, you find two tables. More »

A Snapshot of Conversion

In chapter 19 of Luke’s Gospel, we meet Zacchaeus hustling down the road and climbing a tree so that he could get a closer look at Jesus (Luke 19:4). More »

Special Feature

Married, with Halos

The place is Rome. The year is AD 49. In a tiny loft above a rented workshop sits a Jewish couple, looking grave in the dim light. They are Christians, and like other converts throughout the city, they have been talking about Jesus in their synagogue. Since this is causing serious turmoil, Emperor Claudius has decided to expel these Jews from Rome. News of his edict has just turned this couple’s world upside down. More »

Breaking Walls of Addiction

Many people look back on a first childhood memory with fondness and longing for those more innocent days. My first memory, though, is a painful one—forever etched in my mind as a reminder of the miracle of God’s mercy that has taken place in my life. More »