The Word Among Us

June 2017 Issue


Mold Me, Lord

In our January issue, we talked about setting a goal for 2017: I want to grow in holiness this year. We expanded on this goal by highlighting three short prayers we can say all year long: “Melt me and mold me, Lord,” “Fill me, Lord,” and “Use me, Lord.” More »

The Refiner’s Fire

Gold is one of the most precious metals in the world. There’s nothing more alluring than a 24-karat gold ring or set of earrings. That’s because 24 karats means that the ring is made of pure gold. More »

Melt My Heart, Lord!

In our last article, we looked at the way God wants to purify us, and we compared his work to a refiner’s fire that purifies gold and silver. In this article, we want to look at a different kind of refining. We want to look at how Jesus wants to melt our hearts with his love. We want to look at how our experiences of Jesus can soften our hearts so that he can mold us more fully into his image. More »

Special Feature

Everyone’s Sister

“Whose sister are you?” the man asked. Sister Blandina Segale was glad for the opportunity to clarify herself. She was feeling intimidated by the cowboy seated next to her on the stagecoach. But her fears dissipated when she realized he had never met a nun before. More »

A Cause for Celebrating

“OK,” I said. “Tell me clearly. Why are you talking about the Holy Spirit as if it is a person?” “Because he is,” my friend Michele said. “He is the Person of the Trinity that breathes life into Scripture and joy into our faith. He brings us into the family of God.” More »