The Word Among Us

October 2018 Issue

Publisher's Letter

What’s Your Vision?

For thousands of years, the North Star has been a steady point of light guiding sailors as they navigate the seas. More »


Building a Panoramic Vision

They don’t happen every day, but they do happen. Those times when we step back and ask questions beginning with the word why. “Why was I happy today but agitated yesterday?” More »

A Heavenly Road Map

Bill and Marie began the day filled with excited anticipation. It was the first day of their vacation, and they were headed by car to the beach house they had rented for the week. More »

Lift Up Your Hearts!

Every Sunday at Mass, we are invited, “Lift up your hearts,” and we reply, “We lift them up to the Lord.” More »

Special Feature

“I Have Kept the Faith.”

Even in Rome, the environment for university students was secular. Their chaplain, Don Battista, plainly saw that they were spiritually illiterate and doubted the existence of God. To revive people’s faith, Don Battista organized weekend retreats. More »

“I Give Him Back to You.”

“Congratulations! You’re hired.” The news came as a welcome reprieve for my husband, Tom, and me. His new position in the Buffalo school system would give us a better, more stable income. More »

Headed Toward Jesus

In his new book, Rerouting, Fr. John Riccardo presents the gospel in a clear, concise manner so that parishioners can respond to Jesus’ invitation to become missionary disciples. More »