The Word Among Us

June 2020 Issue

Sharing the Faith That You Love

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Publisher's Letter

The Truth Will Set You Free

Jeannie and I really enjoy celebrating our five grandchildren’s birthdays. This month, Landon, our oldest, will be turning ten! Like any grandparent, we love to see our grandchildren’s reactions when they open their gifts, but more than that, we want them to experience the joy of being loved and part of our family. We want them to receive the blessings that we have known. More »


Sharing the Love of Christ

Evangelization. The word can make us feel uncomfortable and apprehensive. As Christians, we know that we should be sharing the good news. But it’s easy to think that it’s a calling for others—missionaries, religious, those in lay ministry. After all, they know more than we do about the faith, and they have the proper training. Where would we even begin? More »

Praying and Caring

The invitation to evangelize is first of all an invitation to pray. It’s an invitation to move beyond your own needs in prayer, to give voice to other people’s needs, especially their spiritual needs. Remember, our goal as believers is to lift one another up into the arms of Jesus, who is our final destiny and our greatest need. More »

Sharing and Daring

Several years ago, John met an old friend at a high school reunion. After they caught up on all the day-to-day news, John wanted to share how Jesus had become the center of his life. He told Greg about his experiences and gave him a small New Testament. Greg was not a churchgoer, but he found something reassuring about John’s story. More »

Special Feature

The Married Way to Holiness

Not long after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Pope St. John Paul II presided over the beatification of a married couple who lived in Rome during an earlier time of global uncertainty and impending war. It was the Catholic Church’s first joint beatification of a married couple who lived ordinary family life: Luigi and Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi. More »

Through the Fire

April 16, 2019, started as any other day. I left the house that morning, turning the front door’s lock, never realizing that it would be the last time. I wish I could have hit the “Pause” button that moment. Even more, I wish I could press “Rewind” now and warn myself. I wish that day had never happened. The Greatest Loss. More »

Letting God Lead

We have been a military family ever since I met my husband, Jay. In fact, when I first met him, I too was on active duty in the Navy—right up until we had our first child. As a family, we have moved ten times. We’ve loved our time in the military and have enjoyed the assignments, friends, and experiences. But we have also endured challenging times, deployments, and sudden changes that tested my trust in the Lord. More »