The Word Among Us

September 2020 Issue

Be Holy, For I the Lord Am Holy

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Publisher's Letter

God Calls Each of Us to Be Holy

You can be holy! “Who, me?” you might ask. “If you only knew the real me, then I doubt you’d say that.” It’s true that we are all sinners, and most of us have some sins and weaknesses that cling to us stubbornly. More »

Prayer: The Way to Holiness

Though it may seem obvious, we should remember that holiness consists in a habitual openness to the transcendent, expressed in prayer and adoration. The saints are distinguished by a spirit of prayer and a need for communion with God. More »

Special Feature

Sts. Joachim and Anna: Holy, Strategic Grandparents

In a world full of surprises, Sts. Joachim and Anna (Anne) might be among those most qualified to say, “Oh, you think that was a surprise? Listen to this . . . ” Actually, they could point to at least four big surprises. But let’s start with a bit of background first. More »

Discovering the Grace of “Prayer Pauses”

I’d had it. My husband and I were having issues with a relative who was locked up in prison. We were supporting my ailing father-in-law, homeschooling three kids, keeping up with church activities, working our respective jobs, and trying to maintain everyday family life. I was overwhelmed. More »

From Atheist to Campus Missionary

When I arrived at Georgia Tech as a freshman, I was an ardent atheist. I had been raised as a Hindu in a good family, but as I got older, I found myself struggling; I just couldn’t see the connection between science and religion. More »