The Word Among Us

Easter 2021 Issue

Jesus' Resurrection Is Our Hope

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Publisher's Letter

Witnesses to the Resurrection

In college, when I first started experiencing the power of Jesus in my life, I was so grateful for Jesus’ death on the cross. I knew for sure that his death had wiped away my sins and won my salvation. More »


Placing Our Hope in the Resurrection

Every Friday, Joe would go to the corner grocery store and buy a lottery ticket. And every week, when the winning numbers were announced, he would compare them to the ones on his ticket. Each week he hoped to win, and each week he was disappointed. But that didn’t stop him from buying another ticket the next week. He always nurtured the hope that he would win someday, even though the odds were against him. More »

A New Heaven and a New Earth

In the Book of Revelation, St. John recounts a vision of heaven God had given him. In that vision, he sees a great throne covered in precious stones and surrounded by an emerald-like halo, with a sea of glass laid out before it. He hears a trumpetlike voice and peals of thunder. Twenty-four elders, all on their own thrones, cast golden crowns before the Lord as they worship him (Revelation 4:1-11). More »

How to Become a Beacon of Hope

In 1918, a young German intellectual named Edith Stein was invited to spend a month in the city of Göttingen with her recently widowed friend, Anne Reinach. Edith had studied philosophy under Anne’s husband, Adolph, and Anne had asked Edith to help get her husband’s papers in order. Although eager to go, Edith was nervous. In what state of mind would she find this grieving widow? More »

Special Feature

No One Is Ever Lost

On February 25, 1954, a young man fleeing a botched robbery in Paris panicked and shot wildly. He killed a policeman and seriously wounded a bystander. The would-be thief was arrested, condemned to death by guillotine, and confined in La Santé maximum-security prison. An atheist when he entered, he experienced a conversion so profound that, on the night before his execution, he wrote, “My head will fall—glorious ignominy—with heaven for its prize! I am happy.” The lost soul of Jacques Fesch had been salvaged in prison by Christ. More »

Walking the Tightrope of Faith

I was born and raised in Ukraine by parents who were atheists. Like most people in the Soviet Union, my parents believed that to be a person of faith was to be uneducated and narrow-minded. At the same time, my parents were decent and kind people and tried their best to teach me to live a moral life. While God wasn’t part of their teaching, I am very grateful for what they did pass on to me. More »

Two Sides of the Same Coin

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells a story about a sower who freely casts seed on the ground, some of which never takes root. Other seed lands on rocky ground but grows only a little before dying. Still other seed grows a great deal before weeds choke it. Lastly, some seed produces a bountiful harvest, thirty, sixty, or a hundredfold (Matthew 13:1-23). More »