The Word Among Us

May 2021 Issue

Holy Spirit, Breath of God

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Publisher's Letter

A Heavenly Birthday

Let’s get ready to have a birthday party! On May 23, we will be celebrating the feast of Pentecost and the birthday of the Church. It’s the day that the Holy Spirit came down on the first disciples and filled them with power and joy. In a sense, it’s our birthday as well, since there would be no Church without the Holy Spirit! More »


The Breath of God

During the Easter season, our readings from the Book of Acts describe the personal transformation of Jesus’ followers and the explosive growth in their number. Peter and the others grew from a fainthearted band of disillusioned disciples, huddled in prayer behind locked doors, to a bold, faith-filled community of believers. More »

The Face of God Revealed

As wonderful as the work of the Spirit in Old Testament times had been, God had still greater plans. All of these outpourings were rooted in God’s desire to bring his people alive—not just physically but spiritually. More »

Holy Spirit, Breathe on Me

The disciples’ heads must have been spinning. Peter and the other disciples had seen Jesus first hailed as king, then arrested, scourged, and crucified. They had buried him, and then witnessed him miraculously raised from the dead—alive and living among them! More »

Special Feature

Finding Strength in Weakness

Editor’s Note: Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ, is the co-founder and president of the Magis Center, the host of the weekly program Fr. Spitzer’s Universe on EWTN, and a national speaker and media guest on matters of faith, reason, and science. More »

Yearning for a Child of My Own

When his first wife passed away following a short battle with breast cancer, he became the single father of three young children. The new role left him overwhelmed, and he had decided that he was done having children. More »

The Beginning of Wisdom

Could the author of Proverbs be more direct? If you want to find wisdom for your life, . . . go get it! Don’t wait for it to come to you. But where do we look? More »