The Word Among Us

June 2022 Issue

I Am the Bread of Life

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Publisher's Letter

He Is Always with You

As you know, our mission at The Word Among Us is to encourage each of us to experience the presence of God in our daily lives. More »


Jesus, the Bread of Life

This month, dioceses across the United States will launch a three-year “eucharistic revival.” Its purpose, according to the US bishops, is to “renew the Church by enkindling a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.” More »

Jesus Is Walking with You

When I was sixteen years old, I went on a month-long wilderness trip through Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon. For a kid raised in the Sonora desert of Arizona, it was life changing. More »

Heavenly Strength and Protection

The year was 1244, and Emperor Frederick II of Rome was at war with Pope Innocent IV. The emperor sent his armies throughout Italy, including to the small town of Assisi. More »

Special Feature

A Living Witness to the Power of Community

Have you ever wondered how your parish community came to be or what the first Mass was like? Or maybe you attended a Baptism or Confirmation and tried to imagine how many new members your parish has welcomed over the years. More »

The Padre on Horseback

The explorers who traveled to the New World centuries ago needed a great deal of courage to chart the land they called the Americas. More »

Holy Spirit, Enlighten Me

“Holy Spirit, enlighten me.” I first heard these words thirty years ago as I sat in my sophomore religion class. More »