The Word Among Us

September 2022 Issue

A God Who Listens Patiently

How the Lord Met Me in My Grief

By: Anne Turner

A God Who Listens Patiently: How the Lord Met Me in My Grief by Anne Turner

I took a deep sigh as the warm shower ran over me. It felt good to have a few minutes of quiet while my husband kept his eye on our two young daughters. But those few minutes were interrupted by my husband’s voice: “Your dad is on the phone.” I hesitated. “Oh, come on!” I thought. “Just a few more minutes!” But I sensed something must be wrong. Dad rarely called me. We stayed connected through my weekly phone calls with Mom. I got out of the shower quickly.

“I have bad news,” Dad said. “Tom was in a terrible accident. We just came from the hospital.” Then, just heavy silence. I...


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