The Word Among Us

July 2005 Issue

Fearfully, Wonderfully Made

The Question of Stem Cells.

By: Fr. Dan Mindling

There is a reason why the church is so concerned with embryos and stem cells, with birth control and birth technologies. It is not that the church is obsessed with sex. Rather, the church speaks of the beginnings of life because only with the eyes of faith can anyone see what is really going on! And this is what's going on: God is behind the conception of every human being, of every single embryo. Only with the eyes of faith can we grasp that every life has its origins in God, not in chemical reactions and not in technological advances. It is true that none of us was present when the world was made. But in the moment of conception, human parents are right there when God says once again, "Let us make a person in our own image" (Genesis 1:26).

Every life begins with an act of divine love. Each one of us started out very small, but there is never a time in our lives when we're...


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