The Word Among Us

January 2008 Issue

God Heals Our Wounds!

St. Peter Chrysologus on the Healing Power of God

How happy is this woman! In the midst of such a great multitude she was so much alone with Christ that only she was aware both of her restoration to health and his exalted power!

Happy is she who found such access that no one could stop her. Happy is she who by such a path struggled and crept up to her Creator, before she was upbraided by anyone because of her illness, and before she was free from its repugnance.

She knew that with men and through their power the way to full health was closed to her. Men are more accustomed to shrink away from wounds than to cure them. God cleanses human wounds; he does not despise them. He does not shrink from human sores but heals them. Nor does he detest the uncleannesses that come from the body. Rather, he cleanses them. God cannot, he cannot, be soiled through contact with his creature.

Taken from St. Peter Chrysologus, Sermon 36—On Mark 5.22-34, translated by George Ganss, S.J.