The Word Among Us

October 2015 Issue

Hail Mary, Fellow Widow

Mary held me close as I said good-bye to my husband

By: Jean Engelmann

Hail Mary, Fellow Widow: Mary held me close as I said good-bye to my husband by Jean Engelmann

Paul was a wonderful husband. We spent fifty-six years together, growing closer and closer as we weathered all the typical ups and downs of married life. You would think that growing old together like this would help prepare me for the time when the Lord would call one of us to his side—but it didn’t. No matter how much you prepare yourself, grief is still a powerful emotion. So when Paul died of cancer in 2008, a part of me was still overwhelmed with sadness. I remember asking, “Where is God in this? How is he going to comfort me? Where can I go for answers?”

It may seem odd, since I am a lifelong Methodist, but it was Mary, most of all, who held me during this time and helped me adjust to...


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