The Word Among Us

July/August 2014 Issue

Looking through Our Father’s Eyes

Living in the Father’s Embrace.

Looking through Our Father’s Eyes: Living in the Father’s Embrace.

As a priest, I have been fascinated by the different kinds of fathers I have encountered in the hearts of their children,” writes Fr. George Montague. That’s because “the father image is often the lens through which we view the world and the judgment we make on others.” Especially, this image has a tremendous effect—for good or ill—on the way we relate to our heavenly Father.

This is the insight at the heart of Fr. Montague’s new book, Living in the Father’s Embrace: Experiencing the Love at the Heart of the Trinity. An internationally known Scripture scholar, Fr. Montague writes with a pastoral, down-to-earth touch. Using personal stories, everyday examples, and clear commentary, he helps us to envision the relationship between Jesus and his Father so that, through the Holy Spirit, we can enter the Trinity’s communion of love. To help us absorb these rich insights, each of the twenty chapters in Living in the Father’s Embrace is followed by a prayer and reflection questions.

If your relationship with your father has been complex or painful—as Valli Leone’s was—Fr. Montague’s wise and gentle reflections will help you make peace with your experience and enter into the healing that God has for you. If you have enjoyed the blessing of a warm and close relationship with your dad, Living in the Father’s Embrace will help you reflect on it in a way that draws you closer to that perfect Father whom Jesus invites us to address as “Abba.”

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