The Word Among Us

July/August 2014 Issue

Opening the “Book of Christ”

The Ancient Practice of Lectio Divina.

Opening the “Book of Christ”: The Ancient Practice of Lectio Divina.

When they look back on our era decades from now, historians will no doubt call this the “Information Age.” From the dawn of the Internet to the ready availability of smart phones and tablets to the proliferation of twenty-four-hour news channels and endless blogs and chat rooms, we are being bombarded with all sorts of facts and falsities, along with anyone and everyone’s insights and opinions. The world is virtually bursting with more knowledge, new programs, and innovative methods for getting things done. Much of this has a good side, of course. But it can also make us focus only on the “functional” and the efficient.

If we let ourselves get caught in this information-age trap, we run the risk of approaching everything, even the Bible, as a “thing” to...


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