The Word Among Us

October 2006 Issue

Put Your Hand in Jesus’ Hand

"In the face of the hatred and anger of the world we must bring the gentleness and the smile of the Infant Jesus of Bethlehem. In face of the pride of the world we must bring the littleness and powerlessness of the tiny new born baby of the crib. . . . Be a tiny baby in the Lord's hands. Close your eyes and put your hand in his. Let go and be supple and then he can send you where he wants!"

"I believe more and more that we have not been created merely to achieve our own personal spiritual perfection. Neither have we been called to organize efficient, well-run communities. Our role is to prepare the ground and to sow the seed. . . . The whole world is crying out to us. Faith is dying, the spark of love is fading, because there are not enough warm hearths of welcoming love in the world. . . . I am sure that we must open wide our hearts and souls and the doors of our houses."

"I want you to believe that true friendship and profound affection can exist between people who do not come from the same religion, nor from the same race, nor from the same social background. Your love must grow, become sensitive and respectful. It is easy to find people who love generously, but people who love with sensitivity and respect for each individual person are rare.

The Lord's own countenance is in every person. How our lack of sensitivity and respect in loving must have made him suffer during his agony and passion. He said: 'What you did to the least of mine, you did to me.' And, 'In the measure in which you did not do something for one of these little ones, you did not do it for me either.' "