The Word Among Us

September 2018 Issue

The Hope of Glorification

Nothing can separate us.

The Hope of Glorification: Nothing can separate us.

In December 2015, professor Eilat Mazar and her team of archaeologists in Jerusalem unearthed an impression of the royal seal of King Hezekiah, who ruled Judah 2,700 years ago. The impression was found in a dump site near the southern wall of the Temple Mount. The oval-shaped seal, pictured below, was pressed into a half-inch piece of clay and was likely used to secure an official letter from the king. Typically, only the king was allowed to use the royal seal. So that makes this discovery even more important: Hezekiah himself—one of the holiest and most faithful kings in Jerusalem—most likely made this impression.

The royal seal was used to guarantee the authenticity of a letter or document. It carried great authority, and no one disputed the...


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