The Word Among Us

Building Bridges. Changing Lives

Al’s life was transformed while he served time in federal prison. Because of your generosity, he met Christ in the pages of The Word Among Us and became transformed by a personal encounter with the Lord. His life was forever changed! 

But so many men and women still need your help to receive The Word Among Us and meet Jesus Christ in a life-changing way. 

Partners Goals for 2018

1. To set hearts on fire in Catholic parishes through evangelization.

2. To create a lifeline of faith to our children and grandchildren on college campuses. 

3. To expand our reach to every person serving in the military. 

4. To continue to speak a message of compassion for all human life.

5. To bring the gospel of Jesus Christ into every prison in our country.

By making a donation or pledge to The Word Among Us Partners you will help us provide The Word Among Us daily devotional to Catholics who are away from the support of family and local church.